Thursday, November 11, 2010

Best Film of the Summer

OK, so I realize it's been a long time. er, almost a year. Sorry about that. Instead of catching you up on the joy and hell that was my life last spring and why I needed a whole summer and most of fall to recover from it, let's get back to movies, shall we?

First: Movies I have seen

Obviously many film aficionados, or "cineasts" as one of my film profs called us, would tell you that the best film of the summer was Inception.

Now, let me say that this movie blew my mind. I saw it twice in the opening weekend, it was that good.

However, my absolute favorite of the summer was MicMacs. (to be fair, the movie was actually released last year, but we only got it here during the summer). This is from the same director as Amélie, City of Lost Children and Delicatessen. And Jean-Pierre Jeunet does not disappoint fans who have come to admire his slightly post-apocalyptic landscapes and lovable, slightly simple, heroes. My roommate and I left the theater so incredibly happy. She kept saying, "It was like, I thought they were going to hand the message to you on a platter, but then they didn't! It was awesome!" And it was so true. You know when there's a moral to the story, and it's a good moral, but they just kind of tell you? Well, that might work in children's books, but a good film knows when to let the audience figure it out on it's own

(actually, that was one of the things I liked about Inception and one of my least favorite things about Devil, which I otherwise enjoyed... but that's a post for another day!)

So, what is MicMacs about? Well, it's about this guy who's father is killed by a bomb when he is a small child, and then when he grows up, he is hit in the head by a stray bullet in a drive by. He is taken in by a family of circus people who gather scrap to make their living, and on a pick up run for them, discovers that the two arms dealers who ruined his life have offices across the street from one another, and he begins to hatch a plan of revenge, with the help of his new family... I highly recommend you see this movie whenever you can. It's not yet available on Netflix, but you can save it to your queue.

For tomorrow - Movies I Have Made...

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